Trumpet Basics


Here are various studies that I use myself and with students to develop skills on a daily basis:


“Weblicks” is a group of daily trumpet fundamentals, consisting of online music mp3 and PDF files to practice with. You can bookmark this page and play the files directly from here, or just download them or print them out. Because you should try different tempos, I’m not completely happy with the audio format here—but it’s a start and can probably help with intonation. Regardless, the written exercises are good to do and make up a “healthy” routine for most developing trumpet players.


Perhaps most importantly, I always return to these classics:

  • H.L. Clarke “Technical Studies for the Cornet”
  • J.B. Arban, “Complete Conservatory Method”
  • Max Schlossberg, “Daily Drills and Technical Studies”
  • Michael Sachs, “Daily Fundamentals for the Trumpet”
  • Bai Lin, “Lip Flexibilities”

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